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What are JL Drive Chains?

Chains are the most essential part of any vehicle whether it is a bike or a car. At Juelang Drive Chains, we understand the importance of these parts due to which we focus on the quality of these mechanisms and maintain the quality of these chains for the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer drive chains for several vehicles such as Street bike, dirt bike, motocross and road racing. We boast in delivering quality for these products and you can select from a variety of materials that you would like to present to your partner of life.

X-Ring Chain

These are a specialized type of sealed roller chains that are used to transfer mechanical power. It offers higher durability and they are long-lasting. They also generate less friction which is a key factor for the reliability of these chain types

O Ring Chains

The O Ring chains is a specialized type of roller chains mainly used for the transmission of mechanical power in between sprockets. In comparison to X ring chains, these are much elder and they were introduced as a lubrication improver between the links of power transmission chains. These chains are most notably used in motorcycles. We all know that high RPM require bulky chains and with the mechanisms of O ring chains, vehicles generate more friction when compared to lighter chains

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