Motocross Sprockets and its application : what Makes Juelang Sprockets the best


Motocross is a type of race held for motorcycle riders over a open and tough terrain. Motocross(MX) is a straight comparable of road racing but off – road, on a closed orbit. The track set up for motocross are formulated on a range of non tarmac materials such as dirt , soil , grass etc. and tend to integrate upgrading changes naturally or man made.

Bikes used for Motocross:
Motocross bikes are mostly referred as MX which is designed to handle obstacles, bumping and tough terrain. Normally a biker stands while riding and the seat in MX bikes are flat as well.

Motorcycle sprockets:
In general a sprocket is a portrayal of wheel with teeth like outline which seats a specific type of chain. It is used to transmit power by rotating roller or conveyer chains.

Mechanism of sprockets and chains in motorcycle:
There will be two sprockets in a motorcycle with a chain drive system and a chain attaching both the sprockets. “Driver” is the name of the small sprocket at front and big one at the hind is termed “Driven” sprocket. So chiefly these two sprockets decide the way power of engine is transmitted to hind wheel.

  • Sprockets and chains supply a sturdy drive system for larger, heavier parts or for parts that are detached by a distance that makes gears unworkable.
  • Same thickness and pitch makes the sprocket and chain function in a good rapport.
  • Sprockets on parallel shafts with their reciprocal teeth on similar plane work expertly.

Consideration for Racing sprockets:
In racing bikes the racer usually considers the relation between sprocket and acceleration/speed. The mantra is straightforward :

  • A big hind sprocket and a small front sprocket will boost the acceleration and drops the top speed.
  • A small hind sprocket and a big front sprocket will drop the acceleration and hike the top speed.

“Make your motocross race independent by depending on JUELANG SPROCKETS – extraordinary quality.”
JUELANG SPROCKETS withstands immutable through the rolling changes due to its promising durability and exceptional quality.

What makes it so?
Chongqing Juelang motorcycle spare parts Co Ltd is most committed in making research of various types of motocross bikes and then we develop high end aluminium sprockets and ladle aluminium sprockets for large displacement Motocross bikes. We continuously expand our research in order to serve our customer’s emerging demands. Just a fair bike could be turned into a magnificent beast with Juelang sprockets and accessories. It would kick up the performance and produces a remarkable change in stock gearing. Just like the dirt bike setup, Juelang sprockets are also designed to adequately handle a lot of strain and obstacles.

We offer a variety of sprockets to serve our customers need :

1. JL STEEL SPROCKETS : These sprockets are made out of top grade carbon steel which can hold a high temperature and has a remarkable corrosion resistance. There are 45 steel sprockets produced and one can make a pick from them as how it is required.
2. RUBBER CUSHIONED FRONT SPROCKETS : We feel proud in mastering the skill of assembling rubber cushioned front sprockets. These sprockets are popularly used by Japanese motorcycle manufacturers namely Kawasaki and so on.
3. ALUMINIUM RACING REAR SPROCKETS : We engage ourselves in producing quality aluminium racing sprockets by using first-rate raw materials and latest cutting edge technologies, in order to make our product floaty and light weight. It results in excellent performance and gives a guaranteed life span. We take utmost care by allowing our sprockets pass through various stages like hobbing, machining and drilling to acquire the topmost tolerance and perfect teeth profiles.
4. 20 CRMNTI FRONT SPROCKETS: 20 CrMnTi front sprockets are feathery light weighted sprockets mostly preferred for extra horsepower for the front sprocket. They are made with self cleanable trench to wipe out mud and gives extra care to the sprockets life.
5. CARBON FIBER SPROCKETS : Our carbon fiber sprockets will deliver a promising performance in your motorcycle. We feel honoured to state that these sprockets are 4 times lighter than steel and 100 times extra durable when a comparison is made with other products.
Juelang sprockets has made an remarkable position in the sales of sprockets and accessories in and around the world only because of their trustable new products to meet today’s emerging demands.

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